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Misprinted Dice Trays -Various

Misprinted Dice Trays -Various

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What you get: 1 “non-perfect” dice tray! Picked at random from the category of your choosing! Trays can be blue, black, grey, red, pink, teal, brown, or rawhide.

Selection refreshes and varies every week or so!

Engraving a dice tray is sometimes very hard, so I have lots that I've messed up! The trays all still work great for rolling dice, but the images I engraved are messed up in some way.

Common misprints (mis-engravings) include:
a random burned line through the middle of the tray
a "double print" making the image look a little blurry
a spot that didn't get engraved thanks to debris
not using enough power making the engraving not deep enough
using TOO much power to engrave making it burned overall

In the photos, I've shown close-ups of the most extreme of those flaws, most of the time the flaws are not nearly this bad.

All dice trays are made from vegan faux leather.

Materials: vegan leather
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